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We provide AR surgery for orthopedics and neurosurgery, related products, solutions and services to improve smart healthcare, and focus on medical education to provide it with more advanced innovative products.

For hospitals

  • Savings on equipment costs
  • Increase hospital revenue
  • Improve overall healthcare performance

For physician

  • Reduce X-ray radiation exposure
  • Simplified surgical procedures
  • Increase precision of the surgery
  • Allow doctors to focus more on the surgical field

For Patient

  • Low radiation
  • Improves the quality of treatment
  • Minimally invasive surgery, quicker recovery
  • Safer, lower risk

Innovative products

Innovative AR surgery and navigation equipment

Tailored Solutions for Every Physician

Medical education

Facilitating interactive course instruction for educators.

Asclepius Virtual Dissection Table

Introducing Asclepius Digital Dissection Table The Asclepius Digital Dissection Table is the perfect medical education tool. Available in 4 different sizes to suit the needs of use in any educational institution.