Taiwan’s medical achievements rank first in the world Discovery special report

Taiwan’s medical achievements rank first in the world Discovery special report

Taiwan's Institute for Information Industry (III) collaborates with academia and industry to develop the world's first smart glasses solution for medical surgeries, which solves the problem of surgical perspective, reduces errors during surgery, and shortens the duration of surgeries. The project has attracted the attention of Discovery Channel, which aired a special feature titled "Taiwan Beyond Imagination: Medical Elite" in 30 countries worldwide.

Previously, surgeons relied on extensive X-ray images to assist in surgeries involving bone observation, realignment, or safety confirmation. However, this exposed both clinical staff and patients to significant radiation risks.

III, along with the National Chin-Yi University of Technology, AIDI Corporation, and Guanya Biomedical, collaborated to create this innovative solution. By integrating 3D virtual image overlay technology into wearable devices, they addressed surgical perspective challenges and significantly reduced surgical errors, cutting surgical times by over 30%. The Discovery Channel's interest underscores the significance of this breakthrough.

Assistant Professor Wang Min-liang from National Chin-Yi University of Technology, a key contributor, specializes in research related to surgical navigation and 3D bone imaging algorithms. AIDI Corporation handles the design and manufacturing of smart glasses, while Guanya Biomedical focuses on innovative tools for spinal surgery.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs highlighted the collaboration's success in overcoming limitations of existing surgical guidance systems. The project aims to upgrade surgeries in orthopedics, neurosurgery, and spinal surgery, establishing a comprehensive industry chain for innovative smart surgical glasses and related consumables.

Wang emphasized that surgeons, equipped with these glasses, can precisely locate incision sites in real-time, significantly enhancing surgical accuracy. The technology has been successfully tested at the Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, with over 30 surgeries performed using the smart glasses.

The "Industrial Upgrade and Transformation Service Team - Emerging Industries Subgroup" of the Ministry of Economic Affairs facilitated this collaboration. With their assistance, the team secured a NT$50 million investment to establish "SURGLASSES" in the Central Taiwan Science Park. The company aims to obtain medical certifications for its smart glasses surgical system by 2018 and has already signed cooperation agreements with overseas distributors in the Philippines, Thailand, the UK, and the US.

SURGLASSES possesses key hardware and software components for smart glasses and holds over 80 medical software patents and related production Know-how. By deepening and developing key application services, the company aims to play a crucial role in driving global development in smart glasses technology, positioning itself as a leader in the market and an invisible champion in the global smart glasses medical surgery industry.

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