FORESEE-X AR SURGICAL GLASSES developed by SURGLASSES RAPIDLY GAINING POPULARITY IN THE MEDICAL SECTORTAICHUNG, TAIWAN, July 7, 2020 / — Foresee-X is an Augmented Reality Smart Surgical Glasses which can be used directly in the surgical theaters. Foresee-X is gaining popularity among the surgeons from different geographical regions like Europe, Middle East, India and other Asian countries as well. The introduction of Foresee-X into the surgical theaters has changed the approach of the surgeons for the surgeries to a next level. “Foresee-X has changed the way we used to perform the surgery traditionally giving us an edge”, explained by the surgeons. Adding to it surgeons and doctors also mentioned that the number of surgical procedures performed during a day has also increased as Foresee-X reduces the time for the surgery significantly.

Foresee-X AR Smart Surgical Glasses in the
real surgical theater application

Talking to the CEO of SURGLASSES, Dr. Wang, Min-Liang said “We see the efforts put behind the product development is being put to the real test within the surgical theaters and the response from the surgeons boosts our moral and give us the encouragement to work harder towards the next level”. Dr. Wang also confirmed that SURGLASSES will be coming up with another better solution which will be beneficial for the medical industry also.

Foresee-X is rapidly replacing the traditional surgical procedures with the high-tech augmented reality technological surgical procedures. As per the data provided from the SURGLASSES, the number of trauma cases in the world is one of the major surgical procedures performed every year. Foresee-X with its ability to cover all the trauma cases surgical procedures proved a vital tool for the surgeons during the surgical procedures. With the reduction in the surgical procedure time and the radiological shots taken during the surgery by 30-35%, Foresee-X gives surgeons ample amount of extra time to perform additional surgeries in a day, a week or a month. The usage of Foresee-X is not restricted to the Trauma cases only, it can be used for different kinds of surgeries which includes integration with other standard medical equipment like ultrasound, laparoscopy, endoscope, etc. Foresee-X also adapts to any of the navigation systems available in the market being it for spine or shoulder or others. Foresee-X is equipped with the 5G technology for the transmission of the data from the image processing box to the mini box of the Foresee-X, which gives the surgeons the feel of the real time with a delay that is not even significant.

With FDA, CE and ISO standards, Foresee-X is ready to bring a major breakthrough in the surgery rooms. The days are not far when we can see the innovative Taiwan’s medical product into the hospitals around the world. “The philosophy and the motivation for the development of Foresee-X was to contribute in the medical sector by providing world class technology”, Dr. Wang said. Further stating Dr. Wang said, the simple design, easy to use, wearable head mounted display Foresee-X is the next best friend of the surgeons in the surgical theaters. Discussing the improvements and enhancements for the Foresee-X, SURGLASSES team mentioned that they are working on some new technologies to provide a better control to the surgeons during the surgical procedures. SURGLASSES being one of the best innovative medical device manufacturing company in Taiwan, assures that it will keep on working on bringing more new technologies and always thrive to improve the medical sector for not only assisting the surgeons but also helping the patients in faster recovery. SURGLASSES with its vision and mission to deploy the product worldwide is looking for partners, distributors, agent worldwide to co-operate and make this medical industry a high-tech medical industry.

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