ASCLEPIUS launches it’s new model TBK 43 LT
into a learning center in Tajen University

ASCLEPIUS launches it’s new model TBK 43 LT
into a learning center in Tajen University

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN, December 23, 2020 / — Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co. Ltd (SURGLASSES), a Taiwan based manufacturing company with products for the purpose of medical education and real time surgical application is gaining its popularity into the international market as well as the Taiwan market. SURGLASSES introduced a new product to their product portfolio of the Asclepius – Virtual Dissection Tables.

President Dr. Kuo, Daih – Huang and Director Dr. Lin, Hsin Hsin with the ASCLEPIUS table
ASCLEPIUS TBK 43 LT installed in Tajen University teaching center

The new table is called ASCLEPIUS – TBK 43 LT (Lecture Table). The first installation of TBK 43 LT has already taken place in a university named TAJEN UNIVERSITY in Taiwan. Mr. Taoyi Huang and Mrs. Yuan Tsai Lee founded Tajen Pharmacy Institute which was a five-year junior college in 1966. The current Chairman of the Board is Richard Huang and the President is Dr. Daih-Huang Kuo. Since its foundation, Tajen has grown and prospered.

In August, 1999, Tajen was upgraded from a five- year junior college to a four-year college, and subsequently with the permission of the Ministry of Education, in August of 2005, it was again promoted to Tajen University of Technology, offering four-year college programs, two-year bachelor degree college programs particularly for the junior college graduates, another two-year junior college programs for general high school graduates, and the original 5-year junior college programs.

Since its foundation, Tajen has been implementing its motto, pursuing the goal of becoming an excellent university of higher education, and acting as a high- standard life-long learning academic institution. Under the belief of long-term prospect, efficiency, prowess, and caring, Tajen has strong humane and proficient managerial teams that are willing to take on challenges. Thus, Tajen has created a warm, harmonious campus culture, and meanwhile, provides a variety of programs to meet students’ needs and to help students pursue excellence.

TAJEN University has a total strength of 5389 students in 2020. TAJEN University is one of the biggest universities located in South of Taiwan with strength in Nursing. Dr. Kuo, the President of Tajen University said “ASCLEPIUS – TBK 43 LT is a great addition to the teaching methodologies. With the introduction of TBK 43 LT, the students not only have the 2D knowledge from the books but the real 3D knowledge of the Human Anatomy from the Asclepius Virtual Anatomy Table”. Discussing with the Director, Dr. Hsin-Hsin Lin, she said, “We are more than happy to use the TBK 43 LT for the medical educational purpose in our university as it is will enhance the understanding of the students on human anatomy as the students will not only acquire the 2D knowledge from the text books but also have the 3D Virtual Human Anatomy”. ASCLEPIUS – TBK 43 LT, being very portable in size and on wheels, it can be moved from one place to another. TBK 43 LT can be used in the landscape orientation as well as a tilted position to make it easily accessible to the professors while teaching and it can be connected to projectors or external monitors available in a classroom to display to the larger strength of the students.

TBK 43 LT comes with the packages of Virtual Anatomy, Digital Radiology and Histopathology with over 7600 quizzes and more than 700 cases examples for histology and pathology pre-installed. “The advantage of TBK 43 LT in teaching is that the students can get to travel through the hollow organs of the human body with the camera view feature available into the virtual dissection table. This gives our students a better understanding of the internal structure of the human anatomy”, said one of the professors of the Tajen University. After further discussion with the Director and professors of the TAJEN University, it can be concluded that Tajen University is moving into the digitalization of the medical education which will be beneficial for the existing as well as the future students of the university.

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