SURGLASSES Achieves Strategic Collaboration to Promote AR Smart Healthcare Solutions in Spinal Surgery

SURGLASSES Achieves Strategic Collaboration to Promote AR Smart Healthcare Solutions in Spinal Surgery

Leading innovator in the field of medical technology in Taiwan, SURGLASSES, announced today a strategic collaboration with JOHNSON & JOHNSON MEDICAL TAIWAN LTD.. This collaboration will leverage the advanced Augmented Reality (AR) spinal navigation system, Caduceus S, and the comprehensive spinal products from the Spinal Division of JOHNSON & JOHNSON MEDICAL TAIWAN LTD. Taiwan. The initiative aims to enhance Taiwan's capabilities in AR medical surgery by providing highly accurate and cutting-edge navigation solutions for spinal surgeries.
Caduceus S is an innovative and FDA-approved AR medical technology designed specifically for complex spinal surgeries. The system overlays real-time 3D spinal anatomical structures onto the patient during the surgical procedure, facilitated by multiple trackers and a transparent Head-Mounted Display (HMD). The pre-planned trajectories are projected through the HMD, providing crucial guidance to the surgical team without diverting their attention to external monitors. This technology ensures a 100% view for the surgeon, allowing them to concentrate on the surgical procedure. By seamlessly integrating the navigation system into the surgical workflow, Caduceus S not only enhances accuracy but also improves the ergonomics and efficiency of the operating room. 

SURGLASSES has successfully completed multiple complex spinal curvature surgeries at Taichung Veterans General Hospital, showcasing the outstanding performance of Caduceus S in surgical navigation. This system not only aids in spinal curvature surgeries but is also applicable to various procedures, such as lumbar short-segment surgeries and cervical surgeries. Its high precision allows surgeons to focus on the surgical site without the need to lift or turn their heads, significantly improving surgical accuracy. Additionally, the system's setup time is approximately 10 minutes, making it one of the world's fastest AR augmented reality surgical navigation systems.

By combining their collective expertise, the collaboration between the two companies aims to drive advancements in the field of AR smart healthcare surgery in Taiwan. This partnership is focused on providing clinical physicians with state-of-the-art precision surgical navigation solutions, thereby enhancing the quality of spinal surgeries. Through this collaborative effort, the initiative not only elevates Taiwan's global standing in the medical equipment industry but also strives to significantly improve treatment outcomes for patients undergoing spinal surgeries.

"We believe that this collaboration will have a positive impact on the medical community in Taiwan, providing more advanced surgical guidance solutions and assisting doctors in achieving better treatment outcomes in spinal surgery. At the same time, this marks an important step for SURGLASSES towards the international market, contributing to the globalization of the medical device industry in Taiwan," said Mr. Wang Min-liang, CEO of SURGLASSES. 

He further added, "We look forward to the collaboration, collectively creating a better future, providing improved medical solutions for spinal patients, driving the development of smart healthcare in Taiwan, and contributing to the global healthcare industry." 

If you have any questions or require additional information regarding this collaboration, please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you for your attention and support.

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