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Introducing Caduceus S AR glasses for your surgeon

Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation (ARSN) is a system that combines augmented reality with surgical navigation to help surgeons plan and execute procedures more effectively. It allows surgeons to see a virtual representation of the patient’s anatomy overlaid onto their actual view during surgery, improving precision and minimizing invasiveness.

Ditch Doubts: Embrace AR Technology for Surgical Certainty

How does it work?

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They tried it, Hear them out!

True Stories, Real Results

I’ve had spinal problems since I was a kid, but the horror stories about surgeries gone wrong always scared me off. Over the years, the pain got so bad it messed with my day-to-day life, big time. Then I heard about this AR surgical navigation thing that could make surgery way safer and more precise. I took the plunge, and guess what? My spine, which was curved at a wild 58 degrees, got straightened to almost perfect in no time. Just a month later, I was feeling a ton better.

Before the school health check, I didn’t know about my child’s health issues. The doctor found scoliosis due to uneven shoulders and suggested surgery to prevent it from getting worse. We opted for AR surgery to keep the incision small. Luckily, recovery was quick, and my child was back to school in just 5 days.

Years of desk work did a number on my back, and I was all set to hit the trails in retirement. But my back had other plans, totally bailing on me during a hike. Turns out, it was spinal degeneration. The idea of surgery was a no-go for me, until I heard about this AR surgery thing where doctors can see exactly where to work. I figured, why not? And seriously, it changed everything! I’m out there again, enjoying the outdoors like never before.

Getting older, the idea of big surgery and a long recovery worried us, especially thinking about leaning on our kids too much. But learning about AR surgical navigation was a game changer. Smaller cut, more precise surgery, and walking in just a week? That’s pretty amazing and gives us hope for an easier path forward.

From dealing with a 25-degree curve in my spine to facing the scary idea of surgery, life got tough. Breathing was hard, and everyday stuff became a hassle. Surgery? Scary thought, especially seeing others go through nerve damage. But when my doc mentioned this AR thingy that promised better screw accuracy, I decided to go for it! Looking back, I am so glad I went for it!

My grandpa took a nasty fall at work, and it messed up his back real bad. The pain was killing him, and it even made it hard for him to do his job. He was terrified of surgery, but the pain was just too much to bear. The doc suggested AR surgical navigation. It sounded pretty cool, so we went for it. And you know what? AR is seriously awesome! It made all the difference. Finally, he was able to break free from all that pain!

Revolutionizing Complex Surgeries in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The Surglasses AR system can facilitate the performance of more intricate and challenging surgical procedures within the ASC setting.

The confidence in accuracy and simplicity offered by the Surglasses AR system empowers surgeons to tackle these cases with greater speed and efficiency, expanding the range of feasible procedures within the ASC environment.


What surgeries is the AR surgical navigation system suitable for?

  • Spine implant surgery
  • Scoliosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Vertebral fracture
  • Spinal fixation
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Pseudarthrosis after fusion or arthrodesis

What are the benefits of the AR Surgical Navigation System for patients?

  • More aesthetically pleasing due to smaller skin incisions (sometimes as small as 2 centimeters).
  • Avoid bleeding caused by large wounds.
  • Lower risk of muscle damage, as fewer or no muscle cuts are required.
  • Decreased risk of infection and postoperative pain.
  • Avoid long recovery time from open surgery.
  • Reduce radiation dose.
  • Shorten surgical time.
  • Surgeons perform more precise incisions to minimize damage to surrounding nerves.

Am I a suitable candidate for AR minimally invasive spinal surgery?

Discussing treatment options with your attending physician is vital before deciding on surgery for spinal issues, whether traditional open surgery or minimally invasive AR spinal surgery is considered. Understanding your condition, surgical approaches, postoperative care, costs, alternatives, and recovery expectations is crucial. Your doctor can guide you on the risks and benefits of each approach. Thorough communication with your physician beforehand is essential to determine the most suitable surgical option for you.

Support doctors

Accurate Surgical Navigation

The AR surgical navigation system provides real-time visual guidance, allowing doctors to more accurately locate and operate during surgery. This helps reduce errors and improve the success rate of surgeries.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Effects

As the AR surgical navigation system can precisely guide surgical instruments, doctors can achieve more minimally invasive surgeries. This means smaller incisions and less tissue damage, contributing to shorter recovery times.

Real-time Feedback during Surgery

The system can provide real-time data and images, enabling doctors to adjust surgical strategies promptly and ensure a smooth surgical process.

Provide comprehensive after-sales service

System Maintenance and Upgrades

Providing regular system maintenance to ensure the stable operation of the AR surgical navigation system. Continuous upgrades should be implemented to address new medical technologies and requirements.

Training and Support

Offering ongoing training to ensure that doctors and medical teams can proficiently use the system. Additionally, providing real-time technical support to address any issues during system usage.

User Feedback and Improvements

Actively collecting user feedback to continuously improve system performance and features, meeting the evolving needs of doctors.

Precision Surgery Empowered by AR Navigation

The AR surgical navigation system enhances surgical outcomes by providing highly accurate navigation and support. A comprehensive after-sales service ensures system reliability through regular maintenance, training, and continuous improvements based on user feedback.