A C-arm is all you need

Cutting-edge AR Spine Navigation System for ASC

The heightened efficacy and specialized features inherent in Caduceus S make it exceptionally fitting for implementation in Ambulatory surgery centers(ASCs). This opens up an avenue for expanded usage within these distinct medical environments, offering a substantial opportunity for enhanced operational efficiency.

Physicians wearing CADUCEUS S – AR surgical glasses undergo a transformative experience in surgery. These innovative glasses project surgical navigation images directly in front of the surgeon’s eyes, enabling immediate responses and reducing procedural complexity. With the elimination of the need to turn around and check screens, there’s a remarkable reduction in screen glances, enhancing focus and minimizing distraction. This groundbreaking technology not only improves surgery accuracy to less than 2mm for precise incisions but also introduces an unprecedented sensation – the ability to perceive bones as if gazing directly at them in three-dimensional images during surgery. CADUCEUS S seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, providing real-time information and delivering heightened performance in the operating room.

No Pre-CT scan?
No Intra-Operative CT Scan?

NO problem

Our system offers the capability to store a substantial volume of image data, significantly minimizing the need for repetitive X-ray radiation. This serves as a preventive measure, reducing prolonged radiation exposure for both patients and medical staff. This feature not only benefits patients by enhancing their safety but also prioritizes the well-being of the medical staff, marking a significant advancement in radiation management within the surgical environment.

Elevate ASC precision with our Revolutionary AR Spine Navigation.