Bone segmentation

Provides basic operation and use of various image functions, such as image processing, image rendering and image measurement, drawing tools, and has several core OOOPDS computing technologies, including 3D image area segmentation, cutting and applying objects and image simulators Intended for general use in medical imaging procedures for educational purposes only.

Surgery simulation

Software system dedicated to orthopedic medical imaging applications. A number of digital image simulation operations and visual image operations have been developed. This is also the core processing operation function of Radiology, used for surgical simulation planning of digital images, for educational use only.

Medical Image Transformation 3D Model

It only takes tens of seconds to instantly reconstruct 2D DICOM data into 3D DICOM data and can be connected to PACS, allowing professors and students to learn better based on radiological images of the human body.

The case

Asclepius comes pre-loaded with a large number of real cases, both hard and soft tissue. In addition, Radiology also has the function of connecting PACS.