Surgical planning software system

Ministry of Health Medical Devices No. 007110 (TFDA)

The only 100% domestically developed pre-surgery planning system for orthopedics

Preoperative planning

Physicians can use the operation simulation function of OOOPDS for preoperative analysis and planning. It helps doctors to quickly understand the patient's condition to complete the operation plan efficiently, and improve the doctor's familiarity with the patient.

3D printing

To reset the bone fragments, the doctor can have a more three-dimensional spatial concept to judge the relative position between the bones. The 3D model produced by 3D printing can help the doctor quickly grasp the position of the bone fragments and provide doctors with better surgical reference.

Customized bone plate

Everyone's skeleton is different. OOOPDS allows the doctor to import the patient's information, adjust the bone plate according to the patient's information, and make a bone plate suitable for the patient, reducing the operation time.

DICOM data visualization analysis and 2D/3D image conversion

Professional medical imaging application software system

It can load and process 2D original images conforming to the DICOM format. After the images are converted and processed, a 3D superimposed reconstruction model of the real-scale images is provided, and 2D cross-sectional images in the X, Y, and Z directions and a 3D model image space are provided.

OOOPDS provides core calculations for a variety of orthopedic simulation applications, including automatic bone tissue separation, cutting, and 3D objectization for image manipulation. Image simulation applications also include kits such as spinal puncture, bone plate nails, and dental implant tools. It is a set of smooth digital image operation planning process from image loading, processing operation to subsequent 3D model application and 3D model simulation.

  • Spinal puncture path planning simulation
  • General/customized bone plate planning simulation
  • Screw locking / SI locking screw / screw implant planning simulation
  • Manual reset / automatic symmetrical reset planning simulation

OOOPDS is a professional medical imaging application software system that provides visual analysis of DICOM data and 2D/3D image conversion. Suitable for biomedical engineering experiments, digital medical image viewing and image model simulation applications, to achieve the best digital fusion of medical images.

Surgical planning application

Manual reset

In an accident, it is easy to cause multiple fractures. Physicians can use the manual reset simulation function of OOOPDS to analyze the patient's injuries. It can help doctors quickly plan the situation of the broken bone after the reset for follow-up operations.

Implant screw

OOOPDS provides the preoperative planning function of implant screws; it can convert the input DICOM data of the affected area into 3D images, and after adding the setting of the dental arch curve, select the specifications of the implant screws to be used and then lock the implant screws , Placement simulation of spatial position adjustment.

Spine pedicle screw

Physicians can import the patient's DICOM data for simulation to analyze the implanted nails, confirm their diameter and length, and automatically generate steel rods after completion.

Spinal puncture path

Clear and proportional 3D images combined with X-ray and 2D cross-sectional images allow physicians to analyze and plan surgical plans conveniently and quickly, avoid neurovascular, etc., and find the most suitable entry point, angle, length, and depth simulation for puncture.

SI screw locking

The operation simulation function of OOOPDS can also be applied to the screw locking of the pelvis. With X-ray 3D images, it can help doctors find a suitable locking path and confirm the diameter and length of the screw.

Customized bone plate

Orthopedic surgery often requires bone plates to be fixed. OOOPDS can help doctors reset the fracture, customize the shape, size and length of the bone plate required by the patient, and use 3D printing technology to print it out for use in surgery. This function can greatly save the doctor's operation time, reduce the need for substantial modification of the bone plate during the operation, and shorten the operation time.


Image adjustment tool

It can quickly display the switching of skin or bone tissue, 2D image brightness conversion, 3D image reconstruction threshold adjustment and 3D image color special effect application, providing image display adjustment.

Area Separation Function

Quickly separate the bone fragment area information of each part, and establish the bone fragment information of each region, which can be divided, merged, deleted or hidden, and the bone fragment data can be integrated in detail.

Grid operation function

The grid operation function is a tool for converting into 3D format file data, which can perform gridding on the regional bone block data that has been integrated and distinguished. The OOOPDS gridding step can generate surface triangular meshes based on regional data, and Create meshed model object data.

Drawing tools

It can be used to graffiti and mark handwritten content through the brush, and can be used as a video graffiti platform to explain the operation according to the needs of users.

Measuring tool

The length, angle, angle between two line segments and area can be measured on the image, and the volume measurement and bone density measurement of the object can be performed on the 3D image window.

Preoperative planning application

  • Preoperative planning of spine pedicle screw
  • Preoperative planning of the spinal puncture path
  • Preoperative planning for skeletal trauma
  • Bone nail and bone plate implantation preoperative planning
  • Dental implant surgery planning