SURGLASSES Announces Completion of the First AR Surgery in the United States

SURGLASSES Announces Completion of the First AR Surgery in the United States

SURGLASSES announces the successful completion of the first surgery using the Caduceus S Augmented Reality (AR) Spine Surgery Navigation System in the United States, following its FDA 510(k) clearance at the end of 2022. The pioneering surgery, performed by renowned physician Dr. Sherwin Hua at Stevenson Surgery Center in the United States, took place in March of this year. The Caduceus S AR system enables surgeons to utilize Caduceus AR glasses during spine surgeries, allowing for rapid AR navigation with only 2-4 C-arm images, eliminating the need for preoperative CT scans and achieving minimally invasive surgery with extremely low radiation doses.

The application of Augmented Reality technology in surgical medicine provides higher precision in surgical positioning, significantly reducing the risk of surgical errors, and enhancing the visibility for surgeons during the procedure. The Caduceus S AR Spine Surgery Navigation System, a patented technology developed by SURGLASSES over several years, has not only marked a significant breakthrough in Taiwan's medical technology but also garnered high praise from the international medical community for its successful application in the United States.

This AR spine surgery, meticulously planned and executed, combined the technical expertise of SURGLASSES's professional team with Dr. Sherwin Hua's extensive experience, achieving a successful, minimally invasive surgery with low radiation. The application of the SURGLASSES navigation system not only shortens surgery time and reduces surgical risks but also significantly enhances surgical efficiency and medical quality.

In addition, SURGLASSES participated in the largest orthopedic medical conference, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), in Las Vegas, USA, showcasing the Caduceus S AR Spine Surgery Navigation System. The event provided a platform for interactions with internationally renowned medical equipment companies, U.S. and global physicians, expecting increased investments for international market expansion.

SURGLASSES remains committed to the research and development of medical technology, aiming to bring more advanced, efficient, and safe AR spine surgery techniques to the global medical community.

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