SURGLASSES Secures $6.5 Million in Pre-A Round Funding to Accelerate AR Augmented Reality

SURGLASSES Secures $6.5 Million in Pre-A Round Funding to Accelerate AR Augmented Reality

Research and Promotion of the Caduceus S Surgical Navigation System

【Reporter Ching Hsuan / Taipei Report】SURGLASSES recently announced the successful completion of its Pre-A round financing, securing a total of $6.5 million in funding. The fundraising was led by Taiwan Cedar Venture Capital, with participation from several well-known venture capital firms, including Integration Capital, 500 Global, and SIC Sustainable Impact Accelerator. The originally planned fundraising amount was $5 million, but it exceeded expectations with a subscription of $6.5 million. This indicates strong market confidence in SURGLASSES's products and marks a significant milestone in the company's business growth.

The AR Spine Surgery Navigation System from SURGLASSES is currently the most advanced AR system in the global market, featuring patented technology that requires only one C-arm for positioning navigation. Compared to other existing navigation systems, it significantly reduces patient and healthcare personnel radiation exposure, ensuring greater safety. Additionally, we will accelerate the development in the U.S. market," said CEO Wang Min-liang. Specifically, the Caduceus S system, through HMD projection of preoperative planned trajectories, provides crucial guidance for surgeons, allowing them to focus on the surgery without shifting their gaze to an external monitor. This leading technology ensures that surgeons maintain a 100% field of view, enhancing surgical precision. The seamless integration of the Caduceus S system into the surgical process not only improves surgical accuracy but also enhances ergonomics and efficiency in the operating room.

This injection of funds will be used to accelerate the research and promotion of SURGLASSES's innovative product, the Caduceus S system. Caduceus S is an FDA-approved AR medical technology designed specifically for complex spine surgeries. The system allows real-time overlay of 3D spine anatomy onto the patient during the surgical process, providing surgeons with precise positioning and operational convenience through multiple trackers and a transparent Head-Mounted Display (HMD).

SURGLASSES believes that the Caduceus S system not only incorporates cutting-edge technology but also integrates human-centric design, bringing more possibilities to complex spine surgeries. In the future, SURGLASSES will continue to invest in research and development, contributing more to the advancement of medical technology and enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of surgeries. The company also welcomes talents from relevant fields globally to join and collaborate in the research and development of medical technology, aiming to make the AR Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation System an industry benchmark in the global medical community.

Known for its high-threshold R&D, SURGLASSES involves innovative inventions and software development to meet customer demands for medical hardware and software products. Integrating information technology, electronic engineering, and mechanical engineering, the company is dedicated to creating high-quality, world-class products. Starting from its headquarters in Taiwan, the goal is to market products globally.

In 2022, SURGLASSES successfully obtained the Class II Medical Device Listing Permit in Taiwan and received FDA 510(k) certification in the United States by the end of the same year, further validating the high quality and safety of SURGLASSES's products. The company will continue its efforts to continuously improve and expand its product line, better meeting customer needs, improving the efficiency of the healthcare industry, and providing high-quality medical education tools. (Photo provided by the company)

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