CE Mark, CE Mark and Ministry of Health Medical Devices No. 007801 (TFDA)


Smart Augmented Reality Surgical Glasses Display System

Product Features and Advantages

Obtaining EU CE certification and Taiwan TFDA Class II Medical Device Market Clearance.

Integration of various minimally invasive surgical applications.

Integration of various medical imaging into augmented reality glasses for surgical visualization, real-time recording, zooming, remote transmission, and educational purposes.

Connectivity to devices

It can connect to various X-ray machines, 2D laparoscopes, 3D laparoscopes, and various specialized endoscopes.

Real-time projection of augmented reality (AR).

Assisting various surgical procedures, the Foresee-X augmented reality glasses provide a rapid and immersive experience for physicians. By wearing the Foresee-X glasses, medical imaging is projected in real-time, allowing surgeons to focus directly on the surgical area.


  • In traditional surgeries, physicians often need to turn their heads and look at screens intermittently to confirm the required imaging, such as X-rays or endoscopic views. This process of shifting focus increases surgical time and poses risks. However, with the Foresee-X augmented reality glasses, surgeons can have a seamless and uninterrupted view of the imaging directly in their field of vision, eliminating the need for constant screen-checking and reducing both surgical time and associated risks.
    Foresee-X enables real-time projection of various surgical images directly in front of the physician's eyes, allowing them to maintain focus on the patient's operative area without the need to look up at screens. By eliminating the need for constant screen-checking, Foresee-X enhances the surgeon's concentration, streamlines the surgical workflow, and facilitates seamless access to critical information during the procedure. This technology promotes a more efficient and precise surgical experience for the physician, ultimately benefiting the patient's care.

The advantages of the Foresee-X Smart Augmented Reality Surgical Glasses Display System

A simple and convenient augmented reality medical image display system equipped with 5G wireless transmission, preoperative computed tomography (CT) scans, 2D/3D endoscopic images, and other medical imaging capabilities, allowing for focused examination or surgery.
Foresee-X is an intelligent surgical eyewear display system.2/3D laparoscopic endoscope, specialized surgical endoscope.
External monitor requirement.No needFrequently
Setup time for navigation device.Approximately 5 minutes or so.Not applicable
Compatible devices.Various types of C-arm, laparoscope, endoscope.Medical imaging display equipment for visualizing medical images.
Surgical application methods.Display directly in front of the physician's eyes through an AR display.wPhysicians need to rely on the display devices of the equipment.

Shorten surgical duration.

In traditional minimally invasive surgeries, surgeons need to focus their attention on analyzing the captured X-ray images and performing spatial transformations. They often have to constantly look up and down for comparisons or keep their gaze fixed on the screen, relying on their tactile senses for guidance. Additionally, a significant number of X-ray images are taken for verification purposes. These factors contribute to longer surgical times.
The use of Foresee-X can effectively reduce surgical time by minimizing the need for repetitive comparisons and allowing surgeons to keep their focus on the patient's operative field. With the surgical information projected directly in their line of sight, surgeons can make more intuitive and efficient decisions, leading to a streamlined surgical process.

AR glasses enable real-time projection.

Foresee-X allows for real-time projection of surgical images directly in front of the physician's eyes, allowing them to focus on the patient without the need to shift their gaze.
Foresee-X eliminates the challenges of environmental obstacles or poor visibility for physicians. It eliminates the need to constantly look up or turn their heads to check external screen images, preventing distractions and interruptions to their workflow.


First published: 14 February 2024
Augmented reality enhances medical education and improves efficiency
Shu-Chen Liao, Shih-Chieh Shao, Shi-Ying Gao, Edward Chia-Cheng Lai